by Paola Rogue

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Released April 28, 2015


Belle why you look so sad?
Don’t you know we couldn’t live without you?
You’ve always helped us fly so high
Spread our wings always thinking of you
And you would cry

Cause you know the secret to my soul

Belle open up your eyes
These children will die and kill for you
Cause when I sneaked behind your back
I saw your face and swore I wouldn’t leave you
And you would smile

It’s true there will come a time
To say goodbye and limp around without you
but not today

Cause no one knows
But you
You know

The secret to my soul


released April 28, 2015
Song by Paola Rogue
Production and arrangements: Paola Rogue & Gustavo Quirós




Paola Rogue San Jose, Costa Rica

Spends most of her days in The Great Wilderness. This is what she does on Sundays.

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