A Great Buildup of Air

by Paola Rogue

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released May 23, 2016

All songs by Paola Rogue
Production and arrangements (tracks 2 to 5): Paola Rogue & Gustavo Quirós (2015)
Track 1 recorded in April 2016. Production, arrangements and instrumentation by Paola Rogue.
Mixing: Gustavo Quirós
Mastering: Ronald Bustamante
Cover photo by artist, design by Fo León.




Paola Rogue San Jose, Costa Rica

Spends most of her days in The Great Wilderness. This is what she does on Sundays.

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Track Name: Nubia
Come back and we’ll bring you home
Try and try to figure out a way to keep you
But you flew and knew that things were not that simple

And I miss you

Turn time around and save you
She said don’t mess with these questions

I miss you

You knew
You’d leave us behind
Track Name: The Trumpeter
When the fires started it was only you who could break my heart and mend my soul.
But then I was older, there was something new.
I would be the only one.

There were lights and whispers
We would dance and then you’d go

Don’t say
All I wanted
Was something brighter in time

We’ll die
We’ll sigh
But let it be over
Don’t come looking cause you will find

He was somehow gallant and then he would fight me, the trumpets drown and papers fly.
And the footprints that lead out are progressing, traversing, a never-ending, a wormhole, a loop line.

Find me
Track Name: The Young Ones
I was so sweet and lovely
embracing despair
running sometimes I'd walk it out
till no one was there
and then they'd come out
to mess around between the sky
in blossoms of red.

And though I never saw his face
which led to irreparable disgrace
he said there's no harm done
and walked away oh lord
we were so young.

I walked down the aisle
allured by paper flowers
in carpets of red
Let him, I swear I won't apologize
my wisdom, my faith.

And though I never saw his face
which led to irreparable disgrace
he said there's no harm done
and walked away oh lord
we were so young
and scared.
Track Name: Jimmy White
How you like to play in teams
tossing heartbreak in the wind
and as they nodded to the queen
all the teacups left the ring.

Jimmy White
you needn't fall into the sky

Failing hard to see the light
turning hatred into sparks
and when it finally came true
there was nothing there for you.

Jimmy White
you needn't fall into the sky

Oh Jimmy white lie.
Track Name: Belle
Belle why you look so sad?
Don’t you know we couldn’t live without you?
You’ve always helped us fly so high
Spread our wings always thinking of you
And you would cry

Cause you know the secret to my soul

Belle open up your eyes
These children will die and kill for you
Cause when I sneaked behind your back
I saw your face and swore I wouldn’t leave you
And you would smile

It’s true there will come a time
To say goodbye and limp around without you
but not today

Cause no one knows
But you
You know

The secret to my soul